Artificial Turf Installation

Our services provide first rate residential and commercial artificial turf installation, and we are more than happy to administer lawn replacement on any existing lot. Just give us a call, let us know what you want and we will promptly install your freshly new lawn in no time. For those big projects during construction and new landscaping, we lend a helping hand in synthetic lawns on your site. You can rely on us to delivery your all of your artificial grass right to the property.

Grass is an integral part of any backyard, but it’s not just for people. Your dogs, cats, or other pets will probably enjoy some comfy, green turf as well! Make sure your outdoor turf is perfect for your furry friends, and ensure your dogs have a place to run and jump no matter what your environment. At Henry’s Houston Greens, we offer you reliable options for a proper artificial pet turf for your back or front yard. Our artificial grass is no less pleasing to your pet’s feet than the real thing, and ensures that they always have a place to use the bathroom when they need to.

Wherever you need our synthetic grass installation performed, we will come to you and take care of it in no time at all. For all of our pet turf options, contact us at Henry’s Houston Greens in Cleveland, TX today!